Surprise! Retailers Use Lighting To Trick You Into Buying Inferior HDTVs

The guys at HD Guru have shed some light, literally, on a bit of trickery retailers use to make lower performance HDTVs look more enticing. Have you ever noticed how bright the lighting is in many electronics departments? » 8/07/09 12:20pm 8/07/09 12:20pm

Xbox 360 Spring Update Fixes Washed Out VGA Display Problems

Remember all the problems people had with washed out colors on their Xbox 360 when using a VGA cable? Well, the Spring Update actually offers a fix to those problems, which came from different interpretations of black levels on HDTVs and PCs. Adjust the new settings in your display and you'll be set. » 5/10/07 6:15pm 5/10/07 6:15pm