McDonald's Is Spraying Robbers with an Invisible DNA Mist

Apparently, robbing McDonald's has become a thing in Australia. McRobbery's are so rampant down under that McDonald's locations in Aussieland are taking measures to protect themselves by spraying criminals with an invisible mist of DNA. I repeat, AN INVISIBLE MIST OF DNA. The DNA seeps into the criminal's skin and is… » 1/24/12 10:40am 1/24/12 10:40am

Urine-Off Lets You Find, Get Rid of the Many, Many Pee Stains Around…

If you're like me, there is urine all over your house. You know how crazy life can get, what with trying to juggle a career, a social life and a family. Sometimes you just don't know where that pee will end up! For a guy on the go like me, there's Urine-Off. It's spray that gets rid of pesky piss from wherever you… » 5/23/08 10:50am 5/23/08 10:50am