Is This the Guy Who Killed Bin Laden?

Yesterday the Associated Press published a lengthy profile of "John," the secretive CIA agent who led the effort to locate and kill Osama bin Laden. The CIA asked the AP not to report John's full name or certain biographical details that might identify him, and the AP complied. But internet spy-hunter and data… » 7/07/11 3:40am 7/07/11 3:40am

The scene in which gamers blow Fidel's brains off

The Cuban government is very angry. The reason: This scene from a Call of Duty: Black-Ops mission that requires to kill Fidel Castro. They are claiming some bullshit about it being "perverse." I wonder if the victims of Castro's dictatorship agree. » 11/12/10 7:20pm 11/12/10 7:20pm

Digital Storm's 3D BlackOPS Package Wraps Your Games Across 5760×1080…

For anyone looking to dive into the world of 3D gaming head first, Digital Storm's 3D Vision Surround BlackOPS package is a fine place to start. For $2800, you get the BlackOPS Assassin and three 3D-ready, 1080p Asus displays. » 8/02/10 1:40pm 8/02/10 1:40pm