Blackberry Confirms Its Bizarre Box-Like Phone Is Coming This Fall

According to the folks over at Mobile Syrup, during Blackberry's quarterly earnings report, John Chen confirmed the existence of the company's next phone—and it's a head-scratcher. Previously known as the Windermere, the device is now officially known as the Passport and features a square 4.5-inch 1440×1440 pixel… » 6/19/14 12:34pm 6/19/14 12:34pm

Why You Can't Build a Smartphone

Every day or so I read another blog post (or ranting comments) about how BlackBerry could be rehabilitated, or how Nokia could restart Maemo and build the ultimate smartphone again. Things came to a head after Jolla announced their first phone for sale. Surely this phone with an amazing user interface will vindicate… » 12/03/13 3:00pm 12/03/13 3:00pm

Is BlackBerry Getting the Android Google Play Store?

I think at this point we can pretty safely say that BlackBerry’s BB 10 relaunch was a bit of a disaster for the once-mighty Canadian smartphone makers. I mean, you don’t give your CEO the boot for nothing right? And it now seems the company is ready to fully capitulate to its Android rival. » 11/11/13 7:30am 11/11/13 7:30am

This Week in Time Capsules: How 'Bout That iPhone 89?

This week in our time capsule round-up we have a 9/11 memorial time capsule in Pennsylvania, the not-at-all symbolic burial of a BlackBerry tablet in California, and letters from Canadian kids addressed to people of the future—including one that wonders what version of iPhone they'll have a hundred years hence. » 9/27/13 5:25pm 9/27/13 5:25pm

BBM Is Being Delayed For Android and iOS

Look, we all know that BlackBerry is in a tail spin and has been for awhile. And at this point the situation can only become an incredible underdog story or a put the dog out of his misery moment. There's no status quo anymore. But somehow the hole keeps being dug deeper. BlackBerry announced an abysmal early earnings… » 9/22/13 11:29am 9/22/13 11:29am