WildCharge Releases iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry Pearl/8800 Wireless Charging Adapters

Wildcharge, the device that lets you wirelessly charge your RAZR, has just released new adapters for the iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry 8800 and 2nd Gen iPod Nano. It still works the same: put the adapter on the back of your phone, place your phone onto the charging pad and wait for the juice to flow. No… »2/08/08 8:30pm2/08/08 8:30pm


Hands On: TeleNav GPS Navigator Bluetooth Kit on a Blackberry 8800

We've been testing the TeleNav GPS Navigator software ($10/month for the service on Cingular with a data plan) on a BlackBerry 8800 for the past few days, and found it to be an impressive performer. It's extremely easy to set up, where as soon as it's downloaded into our Bluetooth-equipped BlackBerry, and after a few… »3/23/07 5:30pm3/23/07 5:30pm