WildCharge Releases iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry Pearl/8800 Wireless…

Wildcharge, the device that lets you wirelessly charge your RAZR, has just released new adapters for the iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry 8800 and 2nd Gen iPod Nano. It still works the same: put the adapter on the back of your phone, place your phone onto the charging pad and wait for the juice to flow. No… » 2/08/08 8:30pm 2/08/08 8:30pm

Hands On: TeleNav GPS Navigator Bluetooth Kit on a Blackberry 8800

We've been testing the TeleNav GPS Navigator software ($10/month for the service on Cingular with a data plan) on a BlackBerry 8800 for the past few days, and found it to be an impressive performer. It's extremely easy to set up, where as soon as it's downloaded into our Bluetooth-equipped BlackBerry, and after a few… » 3/23/07 5:30pm 3/23/07 5:30pm

The WSJ on the Blackberry 8800's Swoopy, Difficult Keyboard

Katie Boehret, trained by Godfather of Gadgets Walt himself, reviews the Blackberry 8800 in this week's edition of The Mossberg Solution. The whale of a PDA picks up some styling cues from its hipper sibling, the Pearl, including its namesake white trackball, and the swoopy keyboard design, transposed to its QWERTY. » 2/21/07 8:37pm 2/21/07 8:37pm

Cingular BlackBerry 8800 in Stores

If the Boy Genius is right, it looks like RIM's newly minted BlackBerry 8800 will be in Cingular stores across the country any second now. BG has a full unboxing up at his site along with a few notes on the device's performance. I gotta say, I never considered myself a BlackBerry kinda guy, buy having played with one… » 2/20/07 9:58am 2/20/07 9:58am

Top 10 Phones of 3GSM

The 3GSM World Congress only started today. But like children who can't keep secrets or hold their bladders, every handset maker announced its new lineup in "me first" fashion. Which is why we're able to bring you this top 10 list of the most outlandish, impressive and iPhone-like phones of the show. Starting with… » 2/12/07 1:45pm 2/12/07 1:45pm

RIM BlackBerry 8800 Hands On

So here we are in Barcelona, Spain at the 3GSM World Congress where we plan on shining our spotlight on the coolest, newest mobile phones around, and what do we see first? RIM's hot new BlackBerry 8800—hanging from a metallic, octopus-like tentacle at the RIM booth. We knew the 8800 was coming, but now that we got… » 2/12/07 8:43am 2/12/07 8:43am

BlackBerry 8800 Hitting in Two Weeks?

Word on the street has it that RIM will be launching a new BlackBerry handheld two weeks from today (Feb 20). Considering all the leaked shots we've been seeing recently, this could be the day we finally see the 8800 come to fruition. Either way, if you've been shopping around for a new Crackberry, you'd be wise to… » 2/06/07 3:42pm 2/06/07 3:42pm

BlackBerry 8800 Size Comparison

If you've had your eye on the new BlackBerry 8800, but were wondering how big it was, a Flickr user by the name of Greipurs has posted this shot of the BlackBerry Electron (8700) with the Huron (8800). The 8800 looks a bit wider and bigger, but also appears to be slimmer. Then again, the photo was taken at a weird… » 1/25/07 9:58am 1/25/07 9:58am

Blackberry 8800 Spotted, Spec List, Too

Seems like we were just talking about the Blackberry 8703e rolling out RIM's door, and now here's a picture and a partial spec list of the Blackberry 8800. Unlike its CDMA-only 8703e brandmate, this one will support GSM/GPRS, EDGE, and—wait for it—WiFi. It looks thinner than its predecessors, and it has a 320x240… » 10/06/06 9:46am 10/06/06 9:46am