BlackBerry Bold Hitting Sept. 12 for $299, Say AT&T Employees

You read the review »8/28/08 6:46pm8/28/08 6:46pm, you're stoked that you suit-and-tie guys have a sweet new phone to wave at Apple fanboys. Well, now you got a date: September 12. And a price: $299. At least, so say the dudes down at the AT&T store who were a little overexcited when they saw our review model from . The leak's in line with…

Video: BlackBerry 9000 vs. Curve and Pearl Plus Full OS Tour (Smoothest BlackBerry Ever)

Crackberry follows up their rave review of the pre-distro Blackberry 9000 they snagged off eBay with a full video tour that compares it to the Curve and Pearl before diving into the OS for the most in-depth look yet. If you've been staring at BlackBerries for years, it looks like the new UI will feel pretty… »5/08/08 1:50pm5/08/08 1:50pm

BlackBerry 9000 Final Specs, AT&T Exclusive for US Launch

Not much we don't already know in what BGR is calling the final spec list for the BlackBerry 9000—3G HSDPA in the 850/1900/2100MHz bands, Wi-Fi, GPS and 480x320 LCD, etc.. The big nugget is that AT&T will be the first carrier to launch worldwide, as well have it exclusively in the US. So, T-Mo users are gonna have a… »5/02/08 4:22pm5/02/08 4:22pm

RIM Engineers Call Touchscreen Blackberry "Apple Killer"

A New York Times story about the iPhone's assault on Blackberry-maker RIM has a couple of interesting bits in it, notably that RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis isn't a fan of touchscreens ("I couldn't type on it and I still can't type on it, and a lot of my friends can't type on it") but RIM's hard at work on the long-rumored… »4/27/08 3:09am4/27/08 3:09am

Blackberry 9000 Specs Leaked, Faster Than iPhone in More Ways than One

Boy Genius Report may have gotten their hands on early specs of the upcoming touch-interface BlackBerry 9000. And according to their sources, the (iPhonesque?) 9000 has two hardware advantages over the iPhone. First, it features a 624MHz Intel XScale PXA270 processor that just edges out the iPhone's 620MHz ARM 1173… »11/30/07 10:52am11/30/07 10:52am