GSM Touchscreen BlackBerry Storm Specs Leaked, Thunder Name Ditched

Although Verizon definitely has dibs on the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm when it launches in the US, AT&T and T-Mo customers are watching the European rollout of the GSM version to see what's up for their future. Today BlackBerry News »9/23/08 9:50am9/23/08 9:50am published a leaked spec sheet that confirms iPhone-elbowing performance: 3.2MP…

Official Verizon BlackBerry Storm Video Leaked, Actually Looks Kinda Pantsworthy

Update: New embedded video that actually works! »9/15/08 8:30pm9/15/08 8:30pm As , Verizon made its official internal announcement of the today, and ahold of the clip. If you look past the video's asstastic quality, you can see the Storm is way more polished than the various lead us . It really looks like a flagship phone now, actually worthy…

BlackBerry Thunder Touch Keyboard Aims to Be Best Ever: Like a Giant Button With Haptics

The BlackBerry's keyboard is an object of worship, and RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis has publicly said the iPhone's touch keyboard sucks. So, the BlackBerry Thunder's touch keyboard had better be the best one you've ever smeared your fingerprints on. According to Crackberry, it has two big tricks: The screen itself is "sort… »7/08/08 4:00pm7/08/08 4:00pm

Touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder Is BlackBerry 9500, Has Higher Res Screen Than iPhone

A bit more tricklage on RIM's "Apple Killer," the touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder: The official model number is the BlackBerry 9500, and the touchscreen is a bit higher res than the iPhone's (360x480 to 320x480). It'll be running OS 4.7.0 (the Bold runs 4.6). As we inch closer to the September release date expect to… »7/01/08 6:01pm7/01/08 6:01pm

Wall Street Journal: Touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder Due by September

The Wall Street Journal confirms all of the details unearthed a few days ago about BlackBerry's touchscreen Apple killah: Dubbed Thunder, it's only got four physical keys and it'll be exclusive to Verizon Wireless in the US and Vodafone abroad. They also toss in a launch date—Q3 of this year, meaning September at the… »5/16/08 1:10pm5/16/08 1:10pm