The BlackBerry PlayBook Will Run Android Apps

If you're planning to snatch up a new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet or a QNX-based Blackberry smartphone soon, you'll be interested to know that RIM has officially confirmed these will support both BlackBerry Java and Android apps. But note that before these Android apps start cropping up on BlackBerry App World—the only… » 3/24/11 7:36pm 3/24/11 7:36pm

Developers Can Now Offer Blackberry Apps for $0.99 and $1.99

The latest version of BlackBerry App World also features a credit card payment option, new tabbed sections for easier app discovery, support for QR barcode scanning, and BlackBerry ID (a device-independent user ID). [BlackBerry] » 8/19/10 6:18pm 8/19/10 6:18pm

BlackBerry App World Gets Carrier Billing Next Year

Next year, BlackBerry App World's getting carrier billing, meaning app purchases will show up on your phone bill, so it'll be a little easier to buy apps since you don't have to jump through using PayPal. Which is good for App World, since the easier it is to spend your money, the more likely you'll spend it. [… » 11/13/09 12:35pm 11/13/09 12:35pm

BlackBerry App World Now Available Through Your Browser

You can now get BlackBerry's application storefront through a webportal. It lets you browse applications on your computer and then email yourself the link to purchase or download the app on your phone. » 8/18/09 11:30am 8/18/09 11:30am

MyBlackBerry Social Network Gives BlackBerry, App World Users a Place…

RIM has popped off the lid off their rumored MyBlackBerry social network, which is half App World enhancement (reviews, decent PC interface), and half per-device support forum. It's invite-only for now, but the site, with previews, is live. [MyBlackBerry] » 7/14/09 8:30am 7/14/09 8:30am

BlackBerry Apps Get Push Powers for Instant Alerts and News

Expect a few BlackBerry announcements this week from the Wireless Enterprise Symposium, but here's the first: BlackBerry app developers now have access to push, meaning apps will have the same push powers as email. [RIM] » 5/04/09 1:09pm 5/04/09 1:09pm

Giz Explains: All The Smartphone Mobile App Stores

It's been less than a year since Apple launched the iPhone App Store, but now virtually every mobile OS is showcasing its own take on the mobile application storefront. How do they all stack up? » 4/06/09 2:00pm 4/06/09 2:00pm

BlackBerry App World Tour and Impressions

Apple's App Store concept has essentially colonized the idea of mobile app distribution, with every major smartphone platform rushing to open their own. RIM's takeoff, BlackBerry App World, launched yesterday. How is it? » 4/02/09 6:01pm 4/02/09 6:01pm

Put me on your blackberry tele phones with my cousin App World

Hello have you seen my cousin App World please download put on your BlackBARRY! You download now, I come soon. See YOU tomorrow. IS free for 4.2 phone hello goodbye. [SFGate, App World via Engadget] » 4/01/09 1:04am 4/01/09 1:04am

BlackBerrry App World To Open April 1

BusinessWeek says that RIM chief Mike Lazaridis will launch BlackBerry's long-awaited App Store competitor from CTIA on April 1. Paid apps will start at $2.99, but freebies will exist. [BusinessWeek via BGR] » 3/26/09 1:54pm 3/26/09 1:54pm

BlackBerry App World Paid Apps Must Cost at Least $2.99

BlackBerry App World, RIM's reactive attempt at at a mobile app store, is starting to look a little half-assed. First, we find out it's based on PayPal. Next, an arbitrary minimum app price: $2.99. » 3/05/09 4:55am 3/05/09 4:55am

BlackBerry's App Store Named 'App World', Goes Live Tonight

Wanna access BlackBerry's "App World" app store? Sign up online now and be alerted at 10PM ET tonight when it goes live. Or, set your alarm (BBs have alarms, right?) and eliminate the middleman. [AppWorld] » 3/04/09 3:25pm 3/04/09 3:25pm