Today in the BlackBerry Holiday Hall of Fame: the BlackBerry Bold

How's that song go again? Deck the halls with boughs of BlackBerry. Fa la la la la la? That sounds about right... Well, expect hear that version a lot over the next few months, because BlackBerry has released a stunning array of phones for the holiday season. Which is why we've been featuring the whole pantheon of… » 11/17/11 3:59pm 11/17/11 3:59pm

Video of Touchscreen BlackBerry Bold Montana Shows It's Better Than Expected

Back when I used a BlackBerry everyday, all I wanted was a touchscreen Bold for prodding the screen and actioning stuff. Nothing fancy, just a little light touching. This leaked video displaying the Montana shows it's responsive, but won't do much for impressing iPhone or Android users. » 4/11/11 10:02am 4/11/11 10:02am

BlackBerry Bold 9700 $200 Today on T-Mobile, Sunday on AT&T

This phone, the BlackBerry Bold 9700, you can buy today on T-Mobile or Sunday, Nov. 22, on AT&T. It's the standard $200 with a two-year blood contract (and on AT&T, mail-in rebate shenanigans required). Update: Yes, AT&T Premier customers can get it today. Everybody else has to wait until the 22nd. [T-Mo, AT&T] » 11/16/09 10:07am 11/16/09 10:07am