BlackBerry Bold Squirms Closer to AT&T Release

Whatever hellish limbo » 10/13/08 8:30pm 10/13/08 8:30pm the BlackBerry Bold is trapped in , it's poking out its head just a little bit. If you've got an unlocked Bold running on AT&T, you might notice a few new icons and service books for YellowPages.com Mobile and AT&T Navigator just got pushed to it. So it is actually moving forward in some way,…

Orange Pulls BlackBerry Bold Over Quality Concerns

According to a leaked memo obtained by Mobile Tech Addicts, UK based cellphone carrier Orange have pulled the BlackBerry Bold off of their shelves temporarily citing quality issues with the device. What specific issues they are referring to are unknown, but Orange claims they are awaiting solutions from RIM and plan… » 10/09/08 5:26pm 10/09/08 5:26pm

Blackberry Bold's US Debut Delayed Yet Again

Say it ain't so, Joe » 10/03/08 7:12pm 10/03/08 7:12pm AT&T. According to RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis, the communications giant has delayed the release of the Bold on their network due to testing, possibly to safely avoid epic, bug-related fails. AT&T did go on record, only saying the phone is still scheduled to drop this year. But the longer you keep the…