First Live Shot of BlackBerry Gemini With Optical Mouse

CrackBerry has the first real pictures of the BlackBerry Curve 8520, aka Gemini. It's the first BlackBerry with an optical mouse, RIM's next-gen solution to gunk-loving trackballs. No, there's no 3G. [CrackBerry] » 5/01/09 4:59pm 5/01/09 4:59pm

BlackBerry Gemini 8325 Spotted, Already Looks Outdated

The saga of the BlackBerry Gemini has been been a sad one. At first we thought it was a brilliant, 3G evolution of the 8900. It wasn't. Now, this dreary spy pic doesn't exactly spice things up. » 3/17/09 5:15am 3/17/09 5:15am

BlackBerry Gemini 9300: The Curve-y 3G BlackBerry We Really Want

A fresh dump from Boy Genius's RIM spy reveals this perfect-through-evolution BlackBerry: The Gemini 9300 is about the size of the svelte BlackBerry Curve 8900, but with 3G and a bigger, higher resolution screen. Want. » 2/09/09 3:20pm 2/09/09 3:20pm