First BlackBerry Kickstart 8220 Impressions (Verdict: Solid Hardware)

The kids over at CrackBerry got their hands on the new Blackberry Kickstart 8220-the first flip phone BlackBerry. And while they have yet to publish a complete review, CrackBerry definitely likes the hardware, claiming that RIM has not cheapened the build quality for its casual audience. But how does it match up to… »7/23/08 2:55pm7/23/08 2:55pm

BlackBerry Kickstart Flip Phone In the Flesh (Looks Chunky)

The dudes at Crackberry have scored some serious camera time with BlackBerry's first clamshell, the Kickstart, shooting it from every possible angle. I think I'm back in the "it's, um, ugly" camp-it's definitely not a svelte or sexy number, and I don't really see it appealing to teens or other youngins if that's who… »6/13/08 9:50am6/13/08 9:50am

What Using a BlackBerry Kickstart Will Be Like (Hint: Just Like a Regular BlackBerry)

The guys at Crackberry have gotten their hands on some authentic looking slides that talk about the "Kickstart experience," which is basically all about keeping the flip phone's BlackBerriness intact. It's mostly "duh" stuff, though it's sorta interesting how feverishly they're making the experience of opening and… »5/28/08 8:30pm5/28/08 8:30pm

BlackBerry Kickstart Launching on T-Mobile, Less Ugly Than Suspected

Boy Genius has a new round of shots and specs for RIM's first BlackBerry clamshell, the Kickstart. Most important, it's launching on T-Mobile, but a close second is that it's not quite as design challenged as it originally appeared. Here, it actually looks good, at least as good as flip phones can look, and seems like… »5/02/08 12:40pm5/02/08 12:40pm