RIM Finally Realizes BlackBerry Users Might Own a Mac

The BlackBerry syncing situation on Macs is, to put it lightly, abysmal (from RIM anyway). But it looks they're finally realizing people who own Blackberrys might just use a Mac too! Boy Genius brings us the first look at their BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac, a clean, appropriately Mactastic version of their standard… »10/07/08 12:15pm10/07/08 12:15pm

BlackBerry Media Sync Released, iTunes and RIM Now 2Getha 4Eva

With a large enough expansion cards BlackBerries have always been decent media players, but transferring tunes is sort of a pain in the ass. Released today, Media Sync solves this problem, interfacing with your iTunes music collection to automatically transfer selected music and playlists to your BlackBerry. It is… »7/23/08 7:35pm7/23/08 7:35pm