BlackBerry Pearl 3G Hands On

The Pearl 3G might be the tiniest member of the BlackBerry family, but it's definitely not a weakling. It feels sturdy, has features its older siblings don't (Wireless N support!), and is a full-fledged smartphone with all the BlackBerry basics. » 4/26/10 11:39am 4/26/10 11:39am

BlackBerry Pearl 3G Is the Smallest Yet, But Mysteriously Packs…

With its ultra-compact two-inch wide, 3.3 ounce body, the Pearl 3G is the smallest BlackBerry yet. Despite its size though, it's still a full-featured BlackBerry, and oddly, complete with 802.11n wireless support—a first for BlackBerry devices. » 4/26/10 8:04am 4/26/10 8:04am

BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Pearl 3G Leak Out

Whoops, looks like pressed "go" on two new BlackBerry models early—the Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G. Nothing too outlandish if the site is to be believed, but looks like Sprint's got dibs on the Bold. » 4/26/10 3:03am 4/26/10 3:03am

BlackBerry Pearl and Curve Trackballs Being Replaced For Free At…

T-Mobile is replacing the antiquated trackballs on BlackBerry's Pearl 8100 and 8120, and the Curve 8320 smartphones for free from the 15th of February, to any customers who are having problems with them. It's one of the reasons RIM moved from trackballs to optical trackpads, so if you aren't having problems yet, mark… » 1/29/10 5:19am 1/29/10 5:19am

The Blackberry Pearl Teaches Consoles a Thing or Two

Acidmods just can't get enough of hacking up our console controllers, and now the company has replaced the Wiimote's A button with a clicking trackball (a la Blackberry Pearl). The result is an easier way to scroll through webpages and certain menu systems, as you can see in this video: However, this trackball was… » 11/12/08 11:15am 11/12/08 11:15am

Turn Your BlackBerry Curve or Pearl Into a Shiny Storm In One Easy Step

That is, once you've put on the blinders necessary to peer only into the screen to enjoy this $7 theme add-on, which ditched the Pearl/Curve's rough quasi-future typography (thank God that has been changed) and icon set in favor of the Storm's slick new UI. The icons even look like they're being touch-clicked when you… » 10/14/08 9:20am 10/14/08 9:20am

BlackBerry Pearl Flip Review

If it hadn't been leaked so damn much » 10/13/08 2:00am 10/13/08 2:00am, the would be something of a surprise. Not simply because it's the first-ever clamshell BlackBerry, but the fact that RIM went in this direction at all, especially when you look at of its , with their clean, almost aerodynamic lines, and compare them to this beefy slab of a…

RIM Opens Up About BlackBerry Pearl Flip Phone

RIM just got official on its BlackBerry Pearl Flip ( aka » 9/10/08 1:11am 9/10/08 1:11am the ). Still a kinda clumsy-looking piece, the Pearl Flip is the candybar Pearls, but you know, fliptastic, with an an external display for previewing incoming texts, emails and phone calls. Watch for it at T-Mobile soon. []

T-Mobile Blackberry 8820, 8120 Launch Gets Scheduled

US T-Mobile subscribers who've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of new Blackberrys (I'm sure you're out there guys) can relax. The Blackberry 8820 will be available as soon as March 24th, and its smaller cousin 8120 hits the upgrade program on April 14th. No word on how much they'll cost you, though. [BoyGeniusReport] » 3/21/08 10:35am 3/21/08 10:35am

WildCharge Releases iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry Pearl/8800 Wireless…

Wildcharge, the device that lets you wirelessly charge your RAZR, has just released new adapters for the iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry 8800 and 2nd Gen iPod Nano. It still works the same: put the adapter on the back of your phone, place your phone onto the charging pad and wait for the juice to flow. No… » 2/08/08 8:30pm 2/08/08 8:30pm

Pink BlackBerry Pearl Aimed at Consumer Market as RIM Feels iPhone Heat

RIM's response to the market-share-gulping iPhone is to try to appeal to the female consumer by splashing pink paint all over the BlackBerry Pearl. Sigh. Why do some manufacturers insist on churning out pink versions of their products for women? Research says women are not particularly into it—unless, of course, she… » 1/29/08 7:18am 1/29/08 7:18am

Hands-on With Slingplayer Mobile, BlackBerry Version

The last of the major smartphone operating systems, RIM's BlackBerry, has finally received support for SlingPlayer Mobile. Not only can stock brokers, businessmen, bankers, analysts and other jerks email their co-workers at their lunch meetings, they now can catch the game at the same time. We demoed this earlier in… » 1/04/08 12:00am 1/04/08 12:00am

Wi-Fi Blackberry Pearl Hits the FCC

The Blackberry Pearl 8120 has been spotted on the FCC, with GPS, a standard headphone jack, Stereo A2DP Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (no 3G, however). Could be a great T-Mobile@Home phone for roaming between hotspots and cell towers, seamlessly. [PhoneScoop] » 11/20/07 12:55am 11/20/07 12:55am

Confirmed: Sprint Will Ship BlackBerry Pearl 8130 on Black Friday; Moto…

Rumor confirmed. On Friday, November 23, better known to you Dealzmodo nuts as Black Friday, Sprint plans to roll out the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 ($200 with two-year contract and $50 mail-in rebate). Buyers of the BlackBerry can also get the new Power Vision BlackBerry Pack: For $30 per month on top of your voice plan,… » 11/15/07 9:46am 11/15/07 9:46am

RIM Sues LG Over the Words "Black," "Berry" and "Pearl"

Incensed over a pair of LG handsets that truthfully, probably were named to ape BlackBerry—the Black Cherry and Strawberry—RIM's taking LG to court. Fair enough. But RIM's arguing that any wireless device with the words "black," "berry," or "pearl" in its name isn't kosher, and requires RIM's consent. Apparently,… » 11/09/07 4:40pm 11/09/07 4:40pm

BlackBerry Pearl Available on Verizon 11/8

The BlackBerry Pearl 8310, which we got our hands on here, is coming to Verizon on 11/8 for $200. If you're too lazy to click over to see the hands-on, there's a GPS and will have a $45 BlackBerry Data plan on top of your voice plan. An extra $15 will let you use it as a 3G modem as well. [Verizon] » 11/01/07 3:30pm 11/01/07 3:30pm

T-Mobile Getting Red, Gold and Blue BlackBerry Pearls

It's not quite the Pearl 2, but T-Mobile is going to get a couple pearls in different colors soon. No word on when that is, but Boy Genius says it's any day now. [ via Boy Genius] » 9/06/07 3:45pm 9/06/07 3:45pm

New Specs and Pictures out for the BlackBerry Pearl 2 has posted new pictures of the upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 2, as well as some new spec information that will make your eyes bleed in profound joy. According to Pinstack, the new Pearl 2 will have a slew of improvements — from a better email layout and display to improved voice control software. It'll also… » 8/27/07 8:52pm 8/27/07 8:52pm

BlackBerry Pearl 2 Coming Thanksgiving?

Boy Genius Report says they've been told that the BlackBerry Pearl 2 will be vomited up like so much turkey dinner this Thanksgiving dinner. The bucket? Sprint, who will also add GPS to the mix. Not much other detail on this BB2 as of yet, including pricing. [Boy Genius Report] » 8/24/07 4:50pm 8/24/07 4:50pm