Confusingly, BlackBerry PlayBook Will Come In LTE and HSPA+ Versions…

RIM's first tablet has been slated for a March release, but if you've been strongly considering buying one, you may want to hold off until the "second half of 2011," which is when RIM will release LTE and HSPA+ versions—joining their two other models. » 2/14/11 3:55am 2/14/11 3:55am

Sprint Will Get a 4G BlackBerry PlayBook This Summer

The BlackBerry PlayBook, perhaps the first great 7-inch tablet, has found an "exclusive" home with Sprint. It'll be available this summer and the Sprint PlayBook will come complete with that 4G (WiMAX). Pricing details are unknown at this point but here's what the PlayBook's OS looks like to keep yourself excited. » 1/06/11 12:18am 1/06/11 12:18am