Clearly Video Editing Will Solve All of RIM's Problems

RIM, the maker of all BlackBerrys, is in hot water. It's not boiling yet, but I just dipped my finger in and it's definitely simmering after today's big announcement that RIM's bought JayCut, a video-editing company. » 7/22/11 11:55am 7/22/11 11:55am

BlackBerry Will Launch Seven New Phones This Year

Please bear in mind while you're manufacturing these seven new BlackBerrys, RIM, that quality always trumps quantity. We'd love to see you overcome your problems and strike gold again. [The Guardian] » 7/14/11 4:40am 7/14/11 4:40am

Anonymous RIM Employee Condemns "Soviet-Era Government" Atmosphere and…

BlackBerry may have a nice slice of the market-share pie, and some interesting products—and platforms—on the way, but there are increasing fears over their future. This open letter to RIM, written by a "high-level" employee, says it all. » 6/30/11 11:33am 6/30/11 11:33am

Has RIM Forced Carriers to Rush Buggy BlackBerrys Onto the Shelves?

According to BGR's sources, RIM's been playing with fire, "strong-arming several carriers, essentially forcing them to approve devices they normally would not move through the Technical Acceptance phase." That explains a lot, doesn't it BlackBerry owners? » 6/20/11 11:34am 6/20/11 11:34am

Federal Employees Could Face Jail Time for Using BlackBerrys

An antiquated law is adding to confusion surrounding tonight's potential government shutdown. Under the 1884 Antideficiency Act, furloughed federal employees could face two years in prison just for using their office BlackBerrys or checking their work email from home. » 4/08/11 5:12pm 4/08/11 5:12pm

Rumor: BlackBerry Messenger App Being Built for Android and iOS?

One of the features I miss most from my days as a BlackBerry user is BBM, the messaging service. If Boy Genius Report's sources are correct though, Android users and iOS users could be messaging cross-platform. There goes your reason to cling onto your BlackBerry. » 3/03/11 9:56am 3/03/11 9:56am

Rubbish Truck Drivers Outfitted With BlackBerrys In UK

As a BlackBerry user, I'm not sure how I feel about 1,500 UK binmen being given BlackBerrys for work. I don't want to be elitist, but if a binman wolf-whistles me and asks if I'm on BBM, I'd die. » 5/21/10 4:21am 5/21/10 4:21am

Despite Fierce Competition, RIM Manages 33% Profit Increase

It's been a while since a BlackBerry handset really stole the spotlight, with the new—and by all counts nice—BlackBerry Tour getting trampled underfoot by this month's Palm and Apple news extravaganza. But appearances don't do this situation justice: RIM is doing very well, reporting a 33% jump in Q2 profit over last… » 6/19/09 7:01am 6/19/09 7:01am

BlackBerry Onyx Shows Its Face: One Part Bold, One Part Curve

The first handset to fulfill last month's BlackBerry codename prophesy is here, and we're pretty sure it's the Onyx. That means Curve-8900-like proportions, but with Bold genes (read: 3G). » 5/11/09 4:55am 5/11/09 4:55am

RIM CEO Confirms Storm 2 In the Vaguest Way He Can

RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie confirmed to Reuters that the company is planning a "next-generation" touch device, and that the original Storm was a "huge success." Well, at least "in terms of sales and adoption." » 5/05/09 7:30am 5/05/09 7:30am

RIM Employee Lends Credence To Storm 2 Rumors, Cryptically Claims 'New…

Speaking to Dutch website Tweakers, a RIM sales manager said that, as rumored, a followup to the underwhelming BlackBerry Storm will be arriving at the end of this year, or the beginning of next. » 4/08/09 7:40am 4/08/09 7:40am

BlackBerrys Get Their Very Own Google Voice Search App

The extremely-neat-but-probably-not-terribly-useful Google Voice Search app, of iPhone and Android fame, has been released for BlackBerrys, whose owners were judged 3rd most eager to talk to their handsets rather than through them. [Crave] » 3/26/09 7:26am 3/26/09 7:26am

Dealzmodo Hack: Overhaul Your Last-Gen BlackBerry

For most, cellphone trade shows mean carefree gadget porn. For some, they're an assault on beleaguered gadget egos. Last time we helped straggling WinMo users. Now, dear last-gen BlackBerry users, we're reaching out to you. » 2/19/09 4:00pm 2/19/09 4:00pm