Has RIM Forced Carriers to Rush Buggy BlackBerrys Onto the Shelves?

According to BGR's sources, RIM's been playing with fire, "strong-arming several carriers, essentially forcing them to approve devices they normally would not move through the Technical Acceptance phase." That explains a lot, doesn't it BlackBerry owners? » 6/20/11 11:34am 6/20/11 11:34am

Despite Fierce Competition, RIM Manages 33% Profit Increase

It's been a while since a BlackBerry handset really stole the spotlight, with the new—and by all counts nice—BlackBerry Tour getting trampled underfoot by this month's Palm and Apple news extravaganza. But appearances don't do this situation justice: RIM is doing very well, reporting a 33% jump in Q2 profit over last… » 6/19/09 7:01am 6/19/09 7:01am

RIM CEO Confirms Storm 2 In the Vaguest Way He Can

RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie confirmed to Reuters that the company is planning a "next-generation" touch device, and that the original Storm was a "huge success." Well, at least "in terms of sales and adoption." » 5/05/09 7:30am 5/05/09 7:30am

RIM Employee Lends Credence To Storm 2 Rumors, Cryptically Claims 'New…

Speaking to Dutch website Tweakers, a RIM sales manager said that, as rumored, a followup to the underwhelming BlackBerry Storm will be arriving at the end of this year, or the beginning of next. » 4/08/09 7:40am 4/08/09 7:40am