HP's Voodoo-Powered Blackbird 002 Unveiled By Creator (Video)

Click to viewTonight in New York, VoodooPC cofounder (and HP employee) Rahul Sood shows off his newest miracle of PC science, the Blackbird 002. It's a little long (7min, 30sec or so) so you might want to grab a beverage. –Video by Richard Blakeley » 9/05/07 9:18pm 9/05/07 9:18pm

The Love Child of HP and Voodoo: Blackbird 002 Gaming PC Photos and…

When HP acquired Voodoo PC, the boutique gaming maker, I could think of only one thing: What would a creative PC maker like Rahul Sood do with the resources of a small platoon of HP engineers? The Blackbird 002 is the first collaboration, built with lots of HP workstation and server innovations, and a few neat tricks… » 9/05/07 7:30pm 9/05/07 7:30pm