Blacksn0w App Now Ready, Eager to Unlock Your iPhone 3G and 3GSes

Blacksn0w, child of overserious shadow-lurker GeoHot and brother of equally straighforward jailbreak app Blackra1n, is now available, and should make unlocking your late-version iPhone 3G or 3GS a dead-simple process. Before you dive in, though, there's one caveat: » 11/03/09 1:58pm 11/03/09 1:58pm

iPhone OS 3.1.2 Unlock Accomplished, Dropping November 4

Geohot, the same hacker who first jailbroke OS 3.1.2, is now also the first to crack the 3.1.2 baseband. Previously, anyone who had unlocked their phone at version 3.0 or lower was fine as long as they were careful when upgrading, but anyone running 3.1 or higher was out of luck. Good news for anyone looking to unlock… » 10/31/09 4:12pm 10/31/09 4:12pm