Razer Blade 2015 Review: Finally Living the Thin Gaming Laptop Dream

Razer has spent years trying to build an impossible laptop—a powerful gaming portable with the facade of a thin business machine. It's come close four times, but the Razer Blade has never quite managed to stick the landing. At least until now—I've spent the last two weeks with the new 2015 model, and it's almost… »3/03/15 12:00pm3/03/15 12:00pm

Blade Nano QX FPV Review: Leave Your Body Behind With This $480 Drone

I have a confession: I've been having out-of-body experiences. They feel like a video game. I'm a spirit in the sky, watching my flesh-and-bone self shamble about as I float on the breeze. How? Because I've been testing one of the coolest toys ever made: a tiny drone with a pair of wireless video goggles that let… »2/05/15 2:45pm2/05/15 2:45pm

High-Design Speakers: Music to Your Ears and Murder to Your Wallet

In your traditional loudspeakers, the individual drivers are all stacked in a column on the face of the speaker. The problem with that setup is that the varying frequencies will interfere with one another, which results in a distorted sound. Or so say the KEF engineers (and I'm gonna take their word for it given that… »5/19/11 6:58pm5/19/11 6:58pm

Blade Exhaust Filters: An Eco-Friendly Gadget That Actually Makes Your Car Look Cooler

Generally speaking, the idea of eco-friendliness doesn't conjure up images of badass looking vehicles. However, one look at these Blade exhaust filters might change all that. According to the manufacturer's lab testing, Blade can reduce vehicle air pollution up to 57 percent and CO2 emissions up to 34 percent while… »10/23/08 4:00pm10/23/08 4:00pm

$30,000 Damascene Straight Razor: Beware of Accidental Decapitation

Using a straight razor in the era of Gillette Fusion seems like suicide to me, but if you are the adventurous type looking for the closest shave imaginable—I give you the Damascene. Hand-forged in Germany with 128 layers of the same legendary Damascene steel used to craft Crusader's swords, this limited edition razor… »9/17/08 12:50pm9/17/08 12:50pm

MPMan Blade Portable Audio Player: Cue Silly Runway Model Comparisons

I swear, the number of people that compare the Blade portable MP3 player to dangerously skinny fashion models boggles my mind. Monkey see, monkey do, I suppose. Anyhow, this little guy's biggest draw just so happens to be its small size, measuring 7mm (0.27 in., or 0.01 thicker than the iPod nano) and weighing 7g… »2/21/07 7:48am2/21/07 7:48am