An artist recreated Blade Runner with 12,000 water color paintings

Holy wow this is impressive. Artist Anders Ramsell animated Blade Runner by painting 12,597 different water color paintings and stringing them together into beautifully fluid sequences. It's incredible, you feel like you're watching Blade Runner, you get to hear Harrison Ford and follow the story but you're seeing it… » 11/19/13 8:03pm 11/19/13 8:03pm

Moments Lost: A Blade Runner Tribute That's More Than a Replicant

Blade Runner is more than a cult classic: it's an icon, the modern definition of dystopian future-noir. Its visual, auditory and narrative complexity remain striking more than 30 years after its debut. Now, a Swedish group of artists, musicians and writers seeks to create an entire experience inspired by the seminal… » 11/09/13 4:15pm 11/09/13 4:15pm

Watch All of Bladerunner Boiled Down to 60 Amazingly Animated Seconds

OK, so we've covered Star Wars Episode IV, Back to the Future, The Matrix, Aliens, even Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Now the animation geniuses over at 1A4STUDIO are bringing us all another wonderful sci-fi cinema summary: Bladerunner. » 7/13/13 10:14am 7/13/13 10:14am

LaCie's 4TB Blade Runner Hard Drive Looks Like a Renaissance Sculpture

LaCie's always had a certain flair for external hard drive design, bringing as much style to its hardware as functionality. But the company appears to have just one-upped its past efforts with the stunning Blade Runner that packs four terabytes of storage into an enclosure that looks like it was sculpted by a… » 1/06/13 5:16pm 1/06/13 5:16pm

What can we expect from the new Blade Runner movie? We asked the…

Yesterday we learned that the rights Blade Runner was getting a sequel or a prequel. We spoke with the producers behind this project, and asked them your burning questions. So, will it be Blade Runner 2 or Blade Runner Origins? » 3/03/11 3:07pm 3/03/11 3:07pm

Blade Runner Estate Upset Over the Google Nexus One's Name

Google's Nexus One has been interpreted by some press as a title inspired by the Nexus series of androids in the Blade Runner movie. Creator Philip K. Dick's daughter, Isa, says, "We were never consulted, no requests were made, and we didn't grant any sort of permissions." She is consulting her legal counsel over the… » 12/16/09 2:45am 12/16/09 2:45am

15 Blade Runner Style Animated Buildings

A few months ago an LA real estate mogul revealed his plans to light up the LA skyline with giant animated bilboards. Love it or hate it, that was not the first time someone had the idea of creating building facades like those found in Blade Runner. OObect has put together a list of 15 of these architectural… » 8/04/08 4:50pm 8/04/08 4:50pm

Lego Blade Runner Spinner Video Makes Us Drool to Dehydration

The always fascinating and outworldly Xeni Jardin points us to this video of the Lego Blade Runner Spinner. She wrote: "Guys, you posted a while back about the badass one of a kind LEGO spinner car from Blade Runner that Joel Johnson spotted during the BBtv shoot at Syd Mead's studio. We cut an episode about it, check… » 7/24/08 7:43am 7/24/08 7:43am

What Geek Movie Remakes and Sequels are Too Horrifying for Even…

Hollywood is going a little bit crazy with the unnecessary sequels and remakes these days, more often than not taking a beloved show or movie from our younger years and holding it down while it drowns in a bathtub. Still, there are properties left unmolested, memories that have yet to be tarnished. Trust me: it's only… » 6/26/08 12:50pm 6/26/08 12:50pm