Seeing scissors get made by hand is just so mesmerizing

You'll get lost watching him work. I definitely did. Cliff Denton is a 'putter' for Ernest Wright & Sons, the last remaining hand manufacturer of scissors there is, and he literally puts together scissors with his hands. He's a master at it. Watching him work is mesmerizing and satisfying to see. It's basically art. » 7/01/14 1:00am 7/01/14 1:00am

Tyan Typhoon Personal Super Computer: 16 Cores Under Your Desk

Tyan has created a monster supercomputer that harnesses all that power into a box that fits under your desk. Aimed at researchers and scientists, the Typhoon Personal Super Computer (PSC) is available with either Opteron or Pentium processors inside, and consists of four dual-socket blades in a box equipped with… » 3/13/06 1:32pm 3/13/06 1:32pm