At Laptop-Spying School MacBook Use Was Mandatory, Tampering Grounds…

Details continue to trickle out about Lower Merion School District, their MacBook loan program, and the unsavory security practices they used to keep those computers safe. The latest: the school-supplied MacBooks were required for classes and students could not use their own personal machines in their place. Worse… » 2/23/10 3:39pm 2/23/10 3:39pm

Laptop-Spying School Accessed Webcams 42 Times; FBI Begins Investigation

Surely by now you've heard about the high school student suing Philadelphia's Lower Merion School District for remotely accessing his webcam. And maybe you read the Superintendent's response and thought, "well, maybe this whole business is getting blown out of proportion." It isn't. » 2/20/10 5:29pm 2/20/10 5:29pm

Laptop-Spying School District Superintendent Covers Ass By Claiming…

Dr. Christopher W. McGinley, Superintendent of the Lower Merion School District—the district accused of invading students' privacy by accessing their laptop's webcams remotely—has sent an email to parents and guardians explaining why. Kind of: » 2/19/10 11:47am 2/19/10 11:47am

Update: Students Knew "MacBook Cameras Turned On Randomly" as School…

One of the students involved in the class-action lawsuit against the administrators who used school-provided laptops to spy on them, contacted Gizmodo with details about what was happening. » 2/18/10 3:18pm 2/18/10 3:18pm

School Spies Students Through Their Laptop Cameras

High School students have sued the Lower Merion School District in Philadelphia for spying on them using their laptops' built-in cameras. School administrator activated the webcams remotely and recorded students' activities at home. Way to go, KGB-wannabe assclowns. Updated » 2/18/10 9:10am 2/18/10 9:10am