Who Designed the Blanket That Practically Every Newborn Gets Wrapped In?

You've seen this blanket, you might just not realize it. It's in nearly every baby photo taken for decades, yet very few of us ever even notice it—who would bother, confronted with the first image of their new nephew, grandkid, or daughter? It's an invisible piece of design, but as Qz points out, it's also a great one. » 10/27/14 3:00pm 10/27/14 3:00pm

A Puncture-Proof Emergency Blanket That Folds Up Smaller Than a Wallet

There are some emergencies in life that don't leave you panicked. Like if you happen to stumble across a sunset at a gorgeous park and desperately need to picnic, or you've wandered into an outdoor concert and need somewhere to sit. For those moments the Matador, a nylon waterproof blanket that can easily squeeze into… » 6/27/14 5:20pm 6/27/14 5:20pm

Wrap Yourself In Awesome Errors With These Glitch Blankets

The problem with graphical glitches is that they generally show up when you're trying to look at something else. Something not glitched. But if you're just looking at them on their own, they can be be pretty fascinating, and even beautiful. That seems to be the idea behind Phillip Stearn's Glitch Textiles, a set of … » 3/17/13 6:00pm 3/17/13 6:00pm

Battle the Cold and Smudges With a Screen-Cleaning Blanket

For most people, 'whatever's in reach' usually ends up being the best way to clean their phone or tablet's screen. But to avoid scratches, or just trading fingerprints for a layer of lint, you really should be reaching for a microfiber cloth. And that's made extra easy if you're keeping cozy under this throw. » 3/06/13 1:40pm 3/06/13 1:40pm

You Can Burn This Working Wooden Blanket For Extra Warmth In the Middle…

Obviously not satisfied with the miraculous modern marvel known as the Snuggie, German designer Elisa Strozyk created her own unique blanket—drawing inspiration from a warped tile floor instead of the thrill of perpetrating fashion crimes. » 5/05/12 6:00pm 5/05/12 6:00pm

All Hail the Electric Snuggie

I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong. And declaring the Snuggle Suit the last word in Snuggie technology was most definitely one of those times. The Coz-E is the heated Snuggie of your closest-held dreams. » 10/07/10 12:40am 10/07/10 12:40am

The Snuggie for After-Hours Use: Snazzy Napper

Use it in the car! Use it on the bus! Use it on the train! You can *even* use it on an airplane! So tells the creator of the SNAZZY NAPPER, a Snuggie/Burqa hybrid-breed for nappers. » 8/20/10 5:48am 8/20/10 5:48am

The Better Marriage Blanket Dampens Farts to Save Lives Relationships

Is flatulence ruining your love life? My friends, look no further than the Better Marriage Blanket, a fart-absorbing wünderspread that means you'll never again have to blame it on the dog. This is a real thing! » 4/29/10 9:20pm 4/29/10 9:20pm

Twosomeblanket Is Icelandic Wool Snuggie for Couples

And on the seventh day, God rested, but not without creating the Snuggie first. And God saw it was good. So he created the two person snuggie. You know, to comfortably do naughty things with Mrs. God while watching TV. » 9/14/09 7:00pm 9/14/09 7:00pm

LED Picnic Blanket Classes Up Outdoor Dining

Why eat in the dark when you can shove a bunch of LEDs on a picnic blanket and call it a day? We can't come up with a reason, so head on over to Instructables to see how you can build your own. » 7/09/07 5:15pm 7/09/07 5:15pm