Park Bench-Sized Ghetto Blaster Plays Music Via Bluetooth

At last you can avoid the hassle of taking your Lasonic Ghetto Blaster »11/19/08 11:17pm11/19/08 11:17pm every single time you go to the park: Now the park will have boom boxes the size of a park bench, with more than 500 watts of high quality ghetto thump. You only need a cellphone with Bluetooth audio support, and the Boom Bench will be yours to…

Iron Man Toys: Guns and Action Figures...Made of Plastic

Die cast metal. That was a stamp of approval all premium toys in the 80s received. But not now. And if there is a modern set of toys that deserves to be metal, its the official line of Hasbro made IRON Man toys: an action figure, nerf machine gun and mask/repulsor glove combo. He's not called Plastic Man for a reason,… »4/09/08 6:13pm4/09/08 6:13pm

Creative Presents Cease-and-Desist Note to Developer Hero

After Vista's release, Creative's Audigy Sound Blaster series lost a lot of their in-built functionality. Developer, good-guy and all around hero, Daniel_K stepped up to the challenge, putting together his own drivers and asking for non-obligatory donations in recognition of his effort. Daniel_K's drivers restored… »3/29/08 12:00pm3/29/08 12:00pm

Wiimote Nerf Blaster Shoots Foam Darts, Adds Meaning to Life

Every now and again a product comes along that makes us question how we ever managed without it. Well, the Wiimote Nerf Blaster has us asking ourselves the same question. Details are light at the moment, but the most amazing technology combination since the touchscreen/phone will include a fully functioning Nerf… »2/13/08 4:24am2/13/08 4:24am

Lasonic Ghetto Blaster Returns With iPod Dock, Probably Is the Best Boombox Ever

Carajo de boombox de los cojones, brothels! Check out those ghetto colors and speakers in that Lasonic dock-to-go for the iPod, mamasita! Or like they call it, the "high performance music system." Arriba! The 15-pound boombox comes with all kinds of flashy lights and 2 x 15W speakers. Not amazing power, but enough pa… »8/10/07 4:30pm8/10/07 4:30pm