This Laser Bike Light Is Like a Bat Signal For Cyclists

Cyclists can adorn themselves from head to toe in flashing lights, but it's still possible that pedestrians and drivers won't see them until it's too late. It's a problem the Blaze Laserlight hopes to solve by projecting an early warning signal 16 to 20 feet ahead of a cyclist, so that others on the road will know… »1/21/14 5:40pm1/21/14 5:40pm

Verizon and Sprint Both Getting Blessed With HTC Touch Pro and Diamond

If you're craving HTC's Diamond or Touch Pro (aka Raphael) it looks you're going be satisfied no matter what carrier you're on. Phone Arena says the CDMA flavors of both will hit Sprint AND Verizon, so there's no need to bounce to another carrier to get your hands on one. No word on the dates. In a side note, Moto's… »6/30/08 8:01pm6/30/08 8:01pm

Motorola Blaze Adds Another Touch Screen Handset to the Pile

The Boy Genius Report has a first look at Motorola's answer to the "Touch Screen Wars," called the Blaze. From the looks of the branding, this touchy-feely handset is coming to Verizon, complete with a special Verizon-only operating system. BGR says the touch screen is decent, and the mobile browser is "OK," but… »6/28/08 5:49pm6/28/08 5:49pm