A Tilted Blender Promises To Make Your Smoothies Actually Taste Better

It’s generally assumed that the faster the blades in a blender spin, the better it will work, right? Wrong. Over-blending fruits like strawberries can lead to crushed seeds that make a smoothie taste bitter. So Electrolux’s new tilted blender uses a less powerful motor, combined with an improved design, to actually… »6/24/15 11:23am

The Gas-Powered Blender with Handlebars, For Guys Totally Secure in Their Masculinity

You're a big man, and you're so secure in your manhood that you're not afraid to proclaim your manliness in everything that you do just so everyone knows that you're a man. That's why you'll only make frozen mixed drinks with a blender powered by a 43cc 2-stroke engine that has handlebars for controls. That way, no… »6/11/08 4:30pm