iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III: Which One Lasts Longer in a Blender?

The iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III are two of the very best phones you can buy right now and though Android and iPhone fans will never come to an agreement on which phone is better, there is a way to settle which is tougher: blend 'em. » 10/16/12 9:00pm 10/16/12 9:00pm

What Happens When You Blend a Blendtec?

I know you all asked yourself that question at one point or another. This is why you shouldn't try to answer it, Large Hadron Collider be damned. [VirtualShackles] » 11/15/10 2:40pm 11/15/10 2:40pm

You Can Blend A Lot of Things in a Blendtec, But Not Keys

While the Blendtec blender can blend all manner of topical gadgets, it looks like it's met its match in a pair of keys. Will it blend a pair of keys? Uh...no. [@ahphotovideo via Lansing Noise via The Daily What] » 9/01/10 6:00am 9/01/10 6:00am

When Memes Collide: A Will It Blend Teardown

So what happens when two marketing execs from the undisputed leaders in elaborate, roundabout publicity stunts get shitfaced, together, the night before ad pitches are due? Nobody knows for sure, but I bet it would look something like this. » 10/13/09 12:44pm 10/13/09 12:44pm

Today at Giz Gallery: Live Gadget Blending at 3PM

It's Saturday. The hung over day after our Giz Gallery reader meetup, which went on late into the night with some Pizza and Xbox on the 103 inch TV with Giz Alum Benny Goldman doing his best Biggie Smalls karaoke. (Uh, if anyone got photos of any of last night's debauchery, could you email them to me? I forgot to take… » 12/06/08 11:22am 12/06/08 11:22am

At Gizmodo Gallery: A Live "Will It Blend?" Demo

The Gizmodo Gallery, which starts this week in NYC, is going to have voodoo. See, Blendtec, the guys responsible for those catchy videos of gadgets being destroyed aren't just giving us one to give away as a door prize, but they're setting us up with a demo model we can use to pulp our own gadgets with. » 12/01/08 9:49pm 12/01/08 9:49pm

DJ Rips-off Will it Blend, Ruins a Wiimote in the Process

I like to consider Will it Blend? the lifeforce of the Internet. So it is a damn shame when some lame-ass disc jockeys try to rip off the idea and blend a Wiimote in the famous BlendTec Blender. Seriously, how many listeners did you lose that day when you blended something over the air? The Wiimote blended, kind… » 12/21/06 2:00pm 12/21/06 2:00pm

Will it Blend? iPod Edition

Will it blend? is becoming my new favorite thing on the internet, second to Stuff on my Cat, of course.The crazy Blendtec guy decided to blend his old and outdated 4G iPod with hopes of receiving a new one for Christmas. He will also be putting the blended iPod on eBay, starting tomorrow. Good luck with that,… » 12/14/06 3:45pm 12/14/06 3:45pm

Will It Blend? Crazy Old Man Blends Everything in Powerful Blender

You know those late night infomercials where they cut a pair of shoes in half for no real reason? This is kinda like that, but just about a billion times cooler (estimating, of course). Blendtec is hawking a blender that they claim can blend pretty much anything under the sun like, "40 pens!" Their Web site has a… » 11/17/06 11:42am 11/17/06 11:42am