The Goodyear Blimp's an Even Better Joyride Than You Thought

We've all looked up at some point in our lives (probably during a baseball game) and seen that familiar, friendly speck of a Goodyear Blimp floating overhead. But far fewer of us have actually had the opportunity to ride in one of these things—and that's a damn shame. Because as photographer Dan Maker-Moore's newest… »2/21/14 2:00pm2/21/14 2:00pm

Here’s the Plan to Fly Missile-Packed Blimps Over Your Home

Upstart Virginia aerospace firm Mav6 is offering to install guided missiles on the massive, robotic spy blimp it's building for the Air Force. The idea would only be slightly terrifying, if the massive airship was headed to Afghanistan, as originally planned. But Mav6 and its CEO, a respected retired Air Force… »5/03/12 7:43am5/03/12 7:43am

Zeppelins Return to the US This Halloween, $785 Gets You On Board

We first learned about Airship Ventures plans »10/08/08 7:00pm10/08/08 7:00pm to bring airship travel back to the US after a 70 year absence back in May when they secured 8 million in funding for the project. Now it appears that their dream of filling the skies with huge, slow balloons once more will become a reality this Halloween when they will…

AquaJelly and AirJelly Robot Jellyfish At Home In the Water or the Sky

Festo, the same company that brought us the Air Ray robot last year, has developed yet another graceful robot inspired by a creature of the sea. In fact, they have developed two versions, both based on the common jellyfish: the AquaJelly and the AirJelly. According to Festo, the AquaJelly is "an artificial autonomous… »4/23/08 6:30pm4/23/08 6:30pm

Strato Cruiser Airship, Floating Along Without Wings or Reality

The rich are different from you and me, so maybe they'll have time to ride in this Strato Cruiser Airship, sitting back and getting pedicures while this helium-lifted carbon fiber blimp lumbers along. The design concept calls for spectacular restaurants inside staffed by star chefs, a spa, private suites, office… »10/09/07 12:30pm10/09/07 12:30pm

Air Ray, the Shiny Remote-Controlled, Wing-Flappin' Critter

Here's a helium balloon with a twist: The Air Ray is modeled after a manta ray but instead of lazily plying its way through the ocean, it floats gracefully through the air. The guys at Festo, a company that specializes in factory automation but seems to have a lot of spare time for fun projects, created a beating… »8/28/07 8:45am8/28/07 8:45am

Blimp of the Future to be Blanketed with Video Advertising

Those slow-moving, football-shaped blimps of today could be getting a high-tech makeover if designer Tom Shannon has his way. Shannon has just received a patent on a new type of airship called the Air Genie, a spherical blimp whose surface would be covered with 61.5 million LEDs turning the airship into a floating… »2/08/07 8:42pm2/08/07 8:42pm