5 Dating Apps to Find Last-Minute Valentine's Love

Valentine's Day—that cherished celebration of love and its joyful bounty—is just around the corner. But for the lonely-hearts littered across the country, seeing couples enjoying all the love and the happiness and the not-being-perpetually-alone-for-eternity can, perhaps, pour a little salt on a long-standing wound. »2/13/13 4:31pm2/13/13 4:31pm


iPhone FakeCalls App Bails You Out of Awkward Situations

Magic Tap, a 99-cent iPhone application, lets you send fake calls to yourself on command, just in case you ever need an excuse to get out of an awkward situation such as a horrible blind date, or having "that talk" with your girlfriend. To make this application more realistic, it lets you customize the caller's name,… »11/05/08 8:37pm11/05/08 8:37pm