Sexy Venetian Blind T-Shirt Bares Midriffs With the Pull of a String

Hey girls, can't decide whether or not to wear that midriff-bearing shirt out to the bar tonight? No worries, simply don this Venetian blind T-shirt and yank on the fully functional string when Joe Hottie walks by. Sure it's ridiculous, but it's also one-of-its-kind, and available only at art museums for the time… » 7/06/08 8:00pm 7/06/08 8:00pm

Beat Blinds Make Window Coverings Both Musical and Annoying

With most of the Giz staff being apartment dwellers, we try to have as many dual function devices as possible, hence our love of gadgets. But we draw the line with Beat Blinds musical window covers. Surely there can't be anything more annoying than being woken up by someone banging out a xylophone rendition of "Wake… » 9/26/07 4:40pm 9/26/07 4:40pm