24-Karat Gold iPod Nano is a Violent Mugging Waiting to Happen

Quick question: How do you make one of the world's most stolen gadgets, well, more »9/28/08 1:00pm9/28/08 1:00pm enticing? If we're talking about iPods, which we are, then you slap 24 and 18 karat white gold all over the newest models, and then send them out into the subways inside the pockets of the today's filthy rich. Of course, for a mere $644…

Garmin Has Style Lapse: Releases Faux-Diamond Enhanced Nuvi GPSs

Garmin's had a tiny stylistic brain-fart with some new Nuvi »9/11/08 4:37am9/11/08 4:37am GPSs. Imagine a cheesy glimmering gadget suckered-on to your windshield, sending glittering—and distracting—shafts of light into your car... that's kind of what you've got in the "light rose" and "black diamond" editions of the Nuvi 250 and 760. They're…

World's Most Expensive iPod Shuffle Goes Under Hammer for Charity

Well, it seems there's unnecessary Swarovski bling, and then there's a $40,000 solid 18 karat white and pink gold iPod shuffle. With 430 diamonds, no less. Personally, I can't stand blinged-up gadgets, diamonds or no, but at least this one might do some good: the iDiamond is really going under the hammer at a charity… »3/14/08 9:38am3/14/08 9:38am

The Million-Euro Cellphone is A Smorgasbord of Diamonds, Croc and Execrable Taste

This is 1.43 million bucks-worth of telephone. It is hideous. Made by Swiss company Goldvish, the Le Million (what a name, just reeks of (cl)ass, doncha think?) comes in a choice of red, yellow or white gold. Tastefully studded with diamonds and what looks like crocodile skin (although surely croc is far too prosaic… »12/21/07 7:14am12/21/07 7:14am

Solid Titanium Re-Nano iPod nano Case: Almost Worth All 80,000 Pennies

If it's obscenely expensive or shiny (preferably both), odds are, we love it. So obviously we dig the $818 (¥99,750) solid titanium FACTRON Re-Nano iPod nano case from Kiwami Studios. Besides being one of the sexiest (and sturdiest) cases we've ever seen, it sports hooks on each corner to allow dangleage from any… »6/05/07 7:05pm6/05/07 7:05pm