Aloisson iPhone Costs $176K, Your Dignity

As a rule, stuff that retails for $499 should not be embellished with 17.75 carats of diamonds, set in 18k white gold and then priced at $176,400. Nonetheless, Peter Aloisson has done exactly that to create the Aloisson designed iPhone. The treatment makes it the most expensive iPhone in the handset's relatively short… » 3/17/08 9:30pm 3/17/08 9:30pm

Crystal Icing Give Mario, Bowser SwaroskWii Treatment

Crystal Icing is back with two more additions to their Swarovski encrusted Wii range. They previously bought us the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess edition, which looked remarkable. Well, they are obviously onto a winning formula; just checkout the new Super Smash Bros Brawl inspired Wii / Swarovski overkill… » 3/15/08 11:00am 3/15/08 11:00am

World's Most Expensive iPod Shuffle Goes Under Hammer for Charity

Well, it seems there's unnecessary Swarovski bling, and then there's a $40,000 solid 18 karat white and pink gold iPod shuffle. With 430 diamonds, no less. Personally, I can't stand blinged-up gadgets, diamonds or no, but at least this one might do some good: the iDiamond is really going under the hammer at a charity… » 3/14/08 9:38am 3/14/08 9:38am

Six-Figure Japanese PCs Are Not Even Close to Worth It

In the proud tradition of putting diamonds or gold on otherwise-uninspiring devices and giving them a ridiculous price tag to get publicity, Japanese company PC Zeus is offering a couple of rich-idiot aimed computers. The first is a PC with a diamond-encrusted platinum case. It sells for $750,400. Too much? Well,… » 1/29/08 3:48pm 1/29/08 3:48pm

The Million-Euro Cellphone is A Smorgasbord of Diamonds, Croc and…

This is 1.43 million bucks-worth of telephone. It is hideous. Made by Swiss company Goldvish, the Le Million (what a name, just reeks of (cl)ass, doncha think?) comes in a choice of red, yellow or white gold. Tastefully studded with diamonds and what looks like crocodile skin (although surely croc is far too prosaic… » 12/21/07 7:14am 12/21/07 7:14am

Solid Titanium Re-Nano iPod nano Case: Almost Worth All 80,000 Pennies

If it's obscenely expensive or shiny (preferably both), odds are, we love it. So obviously we dig the $818 (¥99,750) solid titanium FACTRON Re-Nano iPod nano case from Kiwami Studios. Besides being one of the sexiest (and sturdiest) cases we've ever seen, it sports hooks on each corner to allow dangleage from any… » 6/05/07 7:05pm 6/05/07 7:05pm