Samsung Will Stop Breaking Windows Update With Its Crappy Bloatware

Earlier this week, a Microsoft security researcher wrote a scathing account of how Samsung’s SW Update tool (installed by default on all Samsung PCs) is disabling Windows Update, potentially leaving millions of computers vulnerable to critical security flaws. Thankfully, Samsung’s crack bloatware programmers have seen… »6/26/15 4:14pm6/26/15 4:14pm

Please Don't Tell Me the Galaxy Nexus Comes Preloaded with Verizon Crapware

The best thing about Google's Nexus line is that it's supposed to be Google's pure vision of what an Android phone should be. The reference phone for the HTCs, Motorolas and Samsungs of the world to copy. It's supposed to be clean, set standards and lead the pack. SO WHY THE HELL DOES THE GALAXY NEXUS COME PRELOADED… »11/17/11 12:30pm11/17/11 12:30pm

Every Sony Vaio TZ Will Get Bloatware-Free "Fresh Start" Option

Sony's bloatware-nuking "Fresh Start" option gets a little bit better every day. Originally, it cost $50 and was only available on their businessy TZ2000. Then it got free. Now Sony says it'll be available for every computer Vaio TZ by the end of the summer. Hey, maybe next they'll make it the default. Oh yeah, not a… »3/26/08 11:15am3/26/08 11:15am

Sony Has the Balls to Charge You $50 to Not Install Bloatware on Your New PC

We all know that bloatware, the crappy, useless software that computer manufacturers load up their new computers with, sucks. It clogs up the pipes and makes your brand new computer run slower right out of the box. Well, Sony feels you. That's why it's offering a new "Fresh Start" option that wipes all the bloatware… »3/21/08 10:56am3/21/08 10:56am