The last movie rented before Blockbuster closed was This Is The End

Forgive yourself for thinking that Blockbuster went out of business years ago but, in reality, Blockbuster officially shut down its remaining 300 video rental stores this past weekend, on Saturday, November 9th. The last movie ever rented at everyone's favorite video store? Hilarious stoner comedy with the most… »11/11/13 10:37pm11/11/13 10:37pm

RIP Blockbuster (Or: Why Can't I Watch Indiana Jones?)

It's a near-guarantee that you haven't been to a Blockbuster this year, or possibly this decade. And after today's announcement that the company is shutting down its 300 remaining stores, you likely never will again. But that doesn't mean that video stores have outlived their usefulness—or, especially, that streaming… »11/06/13 2:26pm11/06/13 2:26pm