All the Weird Stuff Blockbuster Stores Are Putting on Craigslist

At Blockbusters across the country, Everything Must Go! Pretty soon, the rental chain's remaining locations will be closed, so last week, workers sifted through the rubble of their once thriving businesses and prepared the stores for the final rite of retail: The liquidation. » 11/19/13 5:08pm 11/19/13 5:08pm

The last movie rented before Blockbuster closed was This Is The End

Forgive yourself for thinking that Blockbuster went out of business years ago but, in reality, Blockbuster officially shut down its remaining 300 video rental stores this past weekend, on Saturday, November 9th. The last movie ever rented at everyone's favorite video store? Hilarious stoner comedy with the most… » 11/11/13 10:37pm 11/11/13 10:37pm

RIP Blockbuster (Or: Why Can't I Watch Indiana Jones?)

It's a near-guarantee that you haven't been to a Blockbuster this year, or possibly this decade. And after today's announcement that the company is shutting down its 300 remaining stores, you likely never will again. But that doesn't mean that video stores have outlived their usefulness—or, especially, that streaming… » 11/06/13 2:26pm 11/06/13 2:26pm

Redbox Puts the Kibosh on WB's 56-day Waiting Period

While Netflix is happy to kowtow to Warner Brothers Studio's title-delaying demands, Redbox is having none of it. The curbside video rental chain just let its contract with WB expire over the issue—allowing Redbox to rent its WB catalog ahead of the competition. » 1/31/12 11:57pm 1/31/12 11:57pm

How to Ditch Netflix and Still Watch (Almost) Everything You Want

You're outraged (OUTRAGED!) that Netflix's price hike has stolen your cheap movie rentals. In fact, you're going to delete your subscription. Forever. Now what? Here's how to replace Netflix in your life, from streaming to shiny plastic discs. » 7/15/11 5:20pm 7/15/11 5:20pm

28 Days Later: Blockbuster Now Waits With Netflix

You know Blockbuster's incredibly smug ad campaign about how they get new releases 28 days before Netflix? NOT ANYMORE! You see, in a cost-cutting move, they just agreed to deals with Warners, Fox and Universal to delay new release offerings. » 12/17/10 12:00am 12/17/10 12:00am