Blockbuster Online Having Mailing Issues As Well?

We just received a tip from reader Michael that Blockbuster online has been having shipping issues with their movies as well. Netflix's recent outage » 8/21/08 7:03pm 8/21/08 7:03pm was settled in about three days, but Michael's problem has been ongoing for the last four business days. When he called a customer service rep, they said Blockbuster's…

Blockbuster Online Members Socked With Christmas Price Hike

Isn't this a fine little Christmas present from our friends at Blockbuster? Maybe the movie rental company figured since it's this close to the holidays, no one would notice a price increase at Blockbuster Online, announced in a letter to subscribers yesterday. The most painful hit will be taken by those with a… » 12/20/07 9:24am 12/20/07 9:24am

Blockbuster Online's 'Total Access' Lets You Return DVDs To Stores

In an effort to stop competitor Netflix from totally crushing it, Blockbuster Online is instituting a "Total Access" plan that lets you return online-rented movies in stores. When you give them your rental, you get one free in-store rental, which works just like regular in-store rentals and carry standard late fees » 11/01/06 5:45pm 11/01/06 5:45pm