Blockbuster Online Having Mailing Issues As Well?

We just received a tip from reader Michael that Blockbuster online has been having shipping issues with their movies as well. Netflix's recent outage » 8/21/08 7:03pm 8/21/08 7:03pm was settled in about three days, but Michael's problem has been ongoing for the last four business days. When he called a customer service rep, they said Blockbuster's…

Blockbuster Online Download Store Screenshot Tour

Blockbuster's just expanded their movie store beta test » 8/11/08 4:59pm 8/11/08 4:59pm to an audience size that includes me, so here's a screenshot walkthrough of what you're going to see on their service. First, it's really quite similar to their rental pages except for the fact that you'll see prices and labels next to everything. Renting costs…

Blockbuster Online Members Socked With Christmas Price Hike

Isn't this a fine little Christmas present from our friends at Blockbuster? Maybe the movie rental company figured since it's this close to the holidays, no one would notice a price increase at Blockbuster Online, announced in a letter to subscribers yesterday. The most painful hit will be taken by those with a… » 12/20/07 9:24am 12/20/07 9:24am

Blockbuster Online's 'Total Access' Lets You Return DVDs To Stores

In an effort to stop competitor Netflix from totally crushing it, Blockbuster Online is instituting a "Total Access" plan that lets you return online-rented movies in stores. When you give them your rental, you get one free in-store rental, which works just like regular in-store rentals and carry standard late fees » 11/01/06 5:45pm 11/01/06 5:45pm