Microsoft Strikes Back at Google's Patent Rant With Condemning Email

Are you following the controversy surrounding Google's attack on its competitors for buying up the Nortel patents? It took a strange twist when Microsoft revealed that Google was originally in on the deal, but decided to back out. » 8/03/11 11:59pm 8/03/11 11:59pm

StumbleUpon iPad App Gets a Facelift

StumbleUpon is great for finding interesting stuff that is off the beaten path. A post here, a URL there and suddenly you find yourself reading some incredible content. The iPad is perfect for this type of browsing, but StumbleUpon's tablet app was woefully inadequate until now. » 7/12/11 1:34am 7/12/11 1:34am

More People Are Tumblr'ing Than Using WordPress Blogs

In just four years, Tumblr has overtaken the eight-year-old Wordpress as the blogging platform du jour. Tumblr now has over 20,870,000 blogs. Mostly about cats and gifs, from what I can see. [Mashable] » 6/16/11 5:40am 6/16/11 5:40am

Blogsy for iPad

Any ol' joe can set up a tumblr or a wordpress and call themselves a blogger. It's easy! But blogging from your iPad? Not easy. Blogsy for iPad makes it really easy to do. In fact, I wrote this post with it. » 6/07/11 6:00pm 6/07/11 6:00pm

Bloggers Can Finally Blog From Android Phones With Official Blogger App

Did I say the word "blog" enough, like a true blogger shouting into her own personal echo-chamber? Regardless, it's taken Google almost three years to launch a Blogger app that enables posting, photo-uploading and more, all on the go. [UberGizmo] » 2/04/11 4:20am 2/04/11 4:20am

Stephen Fry's Thoughts On The iPad: All 2,180 Words Of It

British wit and tech maestro Stephen Fry has—rather predictably—scribed a 2,180 word essay about the iPad, after we spotted him skulking around with the whiskey-drinking Jonathan Ive. If only he'd written it on an actual iPad. » 1/28/10 7:48am 1/28/10 7:48am

Prison Blogging System Helps Convicts Fight Loneliness

Prisoners can't even play Dungeons & Dragons, but Yejin Mun wants them to be able to blog. I doubt that the designer's concept prison blogging system will be in use anytime soon, but the mockups are hilarious. » 1/27/10 11:40am 1/27/10 11:40am

Russian Cosmonaut Gets Anti-Matter Ray Gun Onboard ISS

This is cosmonaut Maksim Surayev. And what he's holding is the latest Russian anti-matter ray gun smuggled onboard the International Space Station. Or maybe it was a microphone to eavesdrop the American astronauts. Or an old pump. I forgot. » 11/18/09 6:20pm 11/18/09 6:20pm

Nintendo State of the Industry Address

We have a new cohort in the blogging world, GoNintendo is a blog dedicated to Nintendo! Surprise! There is a nifty article about the PSP through the eyes of a Nintendo fan boy. It is an interesting read, and be sure to check out the rest of the site to fulfill the vat of Nintendo emptiness inside of us all. » 10/24/05 1:04pm 10/24/05 1:04pm

iGuy is Such a Player

Okay, this is completely out of left field, but I thought it was funny anyway. Some guy went to the trouble of creating an iGuy blog. You remember the iGuy, right? It's that odd Gumby-like case for the iPod. It's good for displaying the iPod on a table or for living out your repressed doll action-figure obsessions.… » 8/21/05 5:32pm 8/21/05 5:32pm