Me @ the Zoo: An Intimate Portrait of Chris Crocker, Viral Video Blogger and Britney Apologist

Raised by his grandparents, a working-class Pentecostal couple from Tennessee who believed the Internet "turned [him] gay", Chris Crocker was just 19-years-old when went a series of videos he'd posted to Youtube ("Leave Britney Alone!") went viral, turning him into an instant Internet sensation. »6/27/12 1:40am6/27/12 1:40am

Brave Blogger Confronts Evil Newspaper Editor Who Plagiarized His Post

On May 1, a Missouri man named Duane Lester published on his personal blog a post titled "Changes Implemented After MO Auditor Finds ‘Serious Shortcomings' In Holt County Sheriff's Department." 10 days later, the local newspaper for Oregon, Missouri, covered the same story Duane had written about on his blog. »5/15/12 12:40am5/15/12 12:40am

Indoor Plantwall Puts Bloggers Back in Touch with Nature

Bloggers don't get much sunlight in their day-to-day routine, so this plant wall is about as close as we'll get to "being outside." Created by the folks at Green Fortune, the wall can be custom made to fit any space (including our bloggy sweatshop downtown) and best of all, it waters and fertilizes itself. That's the… »10/18/06 7:21pm10/18/06 7:21pm

Apple 'Thought Police' Give up on Forcing Bloggers to Name Sources

Apple has graciously decided to step away from its campaign to force bloggers to reveal sources of leaked information about secret products. Even though the first trial of this case was decided in favor of Apple, the Electronic Frontier Foundation challenged that decision in an appeals court, which ruled that the… »7/13/06 1:33pm7/13/06 1:33pm