Hybrid rocket test looks like dimensional portal sucking reality itself

The first time I saw this image I thought of an inter-dimensional portal of evil sucking in reality. It's actually the test of the Nammo hybrid rocket engine that will power the Bloodhound. If everything goes as planned, the Bloodhound will be the first supersonic car to reach 1000mph (1,609.34 km/h). »8/08/14 2:30am8/08/14 2:30am


This 1,000mph World Speed Record-Breaking Car Has the Same Carbon Footprint as 3.5 Lactating Cows

That's what the Bloodhound SSC's attempt at breaking the world record for land speed will produce in greenhouse gases, claims its engineering lead, James Painter, who also said that driving just 10 miles in the car uses the same amount of energy that the whole of the Singapore Grand Prix uses in 20 minutes. »4/21/11 12:00pm4/21/11 12:00pm