A Man Found a Mysterious, Possibly Mafia-Connected Safe Inside a Casino Wall and Plans to Open It Live on the Internet

Mike Laub recently bought Bill's casino in Lake Tahoe and was in the process of renovating the building. But when he started tearing down walls, Laub found a four foot tall, black locked safe that was hidden underneath a staircase and sealed off behind a wall. »8/24/11 12:15pm8/24/11 12:15pm

Modified New Zealand Wool Resists Blowtorches, Dog Bites, Sharp Knives

Call it cliche (or just inevitable), but those sheep-herders down not-quite under have created the ultimate fabric by weaving a synthetic textile fiber called Vectran »9/12/08 9:15pm9/12/08 9:15pm with ordinary sheep's wool. It's so amazing, its said to withstand blowtorches, dog bites and even knife attacks. "We have tested it...putting the…