Denon Lowers Price, Sticks with 1.1 For DVD-1800BD Blu-ray Player

Instead of blowing out all the stops with a big mama pajama queen of all Blu-ray players, Denon appears to be playing the Pioneer card by launching the $750 DVD-1800BD player. It's lower in price than its $1,200-and-up predecessors, and only meets the mandatory 1.1 spec (that is, picture-in-picture but no Ethernet)… » 5/20/08 8:19pm 5/20/08 8:19pm

Disney Goes Blu-ray 1.1 With Sleeping Beauty, Finding Nemo

Disney just announced some Blu profile 1.1 firsts for them: that Sleeping Beauty will start its Platinum Edition Blu-ray Disc collecting in Fall 2008 (with special features like a Virtual Castle and interactive games) with 7.1 surround sound. Finding Nemo will also be joining it shortly afterwards. A whole bunch of… » 1/05/08 3:57pm 1/05/08 3:57pm

Denon Introduces $2,000 DVD-3800BDCI Blu-ray Player

Today in Jersey City, Denon unveiled its flagship DVD player, the DVD-3800BDCI, coming out this fall. It will be among the first to sport the BD-ROM version 1.1, which means it will have dual audio/video decoders to take advantage of picture-in-picture content, and has an SD card slot, so that you can download web… » 7/24/07 2:34pm 7/24/07 2:34pm