Sony's BWU-300S Blu-ray Recorder Burns 50GB in 30 Minutes

Not to be outdone by the folks at Buffalo » 9/24/08 12:15pm 9/24/08 12:15pm, Sony's latest internal SATA BD recorder can achieve 8x writing speeds on the latest , for zapping 25GB in 15 minutes and 50Gb in 30. DVDs are also written, of course, at 16x. It's $400 and shipping next month, with an included Blu-ray disc from the good folks at Sony…

Sony Hinting at Blu-ray Recording Directly Inside TVs

Sony's President and Electronics CEO, Ryoji Chubachi, hinted at new areas that their Blu-ray technology could expand into, including burners that sit inside LCD HDTVs with "recording" functionality. If this means that your future Sony TV will be able to record HDTV shows onto Blu-ray, that would be super neat (and… » 4/07/08 3:15pm 4/07/08 3:15pm

Samsung Intros Internal and External Blu-ray Writers for April Release

Samsung announced internal and external Blu-ray burners that will be shipping in April. All three will be 3-in-1 drives, capable of reading and writing Blu-ray disks, DVDs and CDs, and will burn and read Blu-ray at 2x, which amounts to 9MB per second. The internal drives (SH-B022A) will be available in black or… » 2/28/06 10:04am 2/28/06 10:04am