Sanyo's New High-Power Blu-ray Laser Will Burn 100GB Discs at 12x, Someday

Even though the blank media companies have been touting 200GB Blu-ray discs »10/06/08 3:15pm10/06/08 3:15pm for years, mostly as part of the psy-ops war against HD-DVD, the largest discs today's players and burners can handle are dual-layer 50GB blanks that burn at up to 8x. A new 450 mw blue laser diode unveiled by Sanyo, however, will enable…

Sanwa CD-RE1AT Puts Shine Back on Scuffed-Up CDs, Automagically

CDs and DVDs tend not to last long in my house... but since I just fling them in a pile in the cupboard, that's entirely my fault. The Sanwa CD-RE1AT might be just the ticket, though: it works on 8cm or 12cm CDs, DVDs and BDs. With a push of a button it removes dust, fingerprints and "oily spots" from discs, and with… »7/02/08 3:17am7/02/08 3:17am