LG Intros $999 BH200 Super Blu Combo HD Player

Realizing that Samsung's BD-UP5000 was going to give the original hybrid BH100 a run for its money, LG announced the more competitive BH200 Super Blu Player for watching both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs. It'll cost $999 when it ships in October, and will include support and features its $1,200 predecessor sorely lacked:

» 9/05/07 8:26am 9/05/07 8:26am

For the Next Five Minutes, Blu-ray Is Winning

The argument continues to rage, with no end in sight. HD DVD was winning last week, with rumors of cheap HD DVD players flooding the market via Wal-Mart (who else?). Augmenting that was a sales spike in HD DVD discs, though one that was caused by an artificial (or at least, unsustainable) sales spike caused by… » 4/23/07 11:20am 4/23/07 11:20am