A Giant Blue Screen of Death on a Jumbotron Is Always Funny

The dreaded BSOD is always annoying and never funny... unless it's on a giant jumbotron at a basketball game. At a Pacers game in Indiana, the biggest BSOD popped up on Bankers Life Fieldhouse's giant hanging screen for everyone to see. And to laugh at. And to tweet about. And to remember how awful and sucky that BSOD… » 3/13/13 9:30pm 3/13/13 9:30pm

Gas Pump Blue Screen of Death is Poo Poo Inducing

Seeing a Windows blue screen of death is fine, if annoying, if you're just balancing your checkbook, but what if you see it in more...precarious situations? Like when you're pumping gas? Reader Dave saw this at a San Diego Shell station, after which he bravely continued filling up—but not without hiding his face… » 11/20/08 9:00pm 11/20/08 9:00pm

iTunes 8 Causing Huge Problems, BSOD for Vista Users

Looks like iTunes 8 is really not playing so well with Windows. Users of both 32-bit and 64-bit Vista are reporting » 9/10/08 2:57am 9/10/08 2:57am getting the blue screen of death whenever they plug in an iPod or iPhone. Downgrading back down to 7.7 appears to solve the problem, but not without some weird, but easily fixable, app-erasing hijinks.…

Blue Screen of Death Strikes Bird's Nest During Opening Ceremonies…

Well, this is just perfect. At the exact moment Li Ning was rounding the lip of the Bird's Nest during the amazing torch-lighting climax, someone snapped this photo of our good friend the BSOD nestled among the Nest's steel twigs. Perhaps an Opening Ceremonies IT dude spit out his coffee on the machines in the server… » 8/11/08 10:45am 8/11/08 10:45am

Slot Machine Flashes Blue Screen of Death

I'm not much of a gambler, but when it comes to slot machines, I used to think these things were like ATMs—meaning they were indestructible. But alas it appears even our quarter-popping friends are prone to the occasional blue screen of death, which leaves me wondering what else they're vulnerable to. » 1/27/07 3:08pm 1/27/07 3:08pm