Blue 8GB Zune Confirmed Along with a Ton of New Features

A cool new blue Zune » 9/07/08 7:00pm 9/07/08 7:00pm was spotted at Fry's today, complete with some new features. The first, "Device to Cloud," allows users to access wireless hotspots to update music collections, browse Zune Marketplace, refresh Channels (another feature), exchange favorites, and buy tagged FM songs. "Channels" are custom stations…

Rumor Smashed: Blue Zune Not Blue Zune

False alarm. The Blue Zune we showed you in the Target ad isn't actually a Blue Zune, it's a Black Zune that just looks blue thanks to the crappy image. The black one does actually look slightly blue when you look at it (the doubleshot is blue), so we can see where the confusion comes from. But still, the image was… » 9/13/07 2:35pm 9/13/07 2:35pm

Target Ad Scoops Blue Zune Release

Next week's Target ad shows both a $199 price cut in the Microsoft Zune player—something we've covered before—and a brand new Blue Zune. We haven't seen this anywhere yet, but it looks like it's blue with light blue doubleshotting, and will be the same $199 that all the other Zunes are priced at. If Target's going to… » 9/11/07 4:30pm 9/11/07 4:30pm