BlueAnt V1 Bluetooth Headset First Ever With True Voice User Interface

The Deal: BlueAnt, who we've seen some Bluetoothiness from before, is introing "the first ever Bluetooth headset with a true voice user interface," the BlueAnt V1. The VUI is powered by BlueGenie, which is the first time it's been used on a headset. Other than the big ant-stamped button, it should be pretty… »1/03/08 2:45pm1/03/08 2:45pm

BlueAnt Supertooth Light Lets You Talk Hands-Free in Full Duplex

A few months ago we heard rumblings of BlueAnt, a company from Australia planning to make inroads into the US market, and here's that ambition coming into fruition. The $80 Supertooth Light is a Bluetooth speakerphone that's full duplex, meaning that your conversation will be much more comfortable because you can hear… »3/27/07 4:00pm3/27/07 4:00pm