The Color Blue Has Conquered the Internet

Shades of Gray. Orange Is The New Black. The Scarlet Letter. Colors are clearly important in marketing. We know. And you have also probably noticed that a lot of companies use blue in their logos. Plus Blue Is The Warmest Color. Sooooo yeah. » 10/27/13 12:09pm 10/27/13 12:09pm

Charles Bradley: Why Is It So Hard

On today, the high holy day of frenzied consumerism, please take a moment to reflect on your position of relative privilege in these uncertain times. Let us not forget the real trials and hardships of people both around the world and around this country while we vapidly argue the perceived advantages between… » 9/10/13 7:00pm 9/10/13 7:00pm

The Black Keys: Heavy Soul

Sunday is my day here at Gizmodo. Has been for some time. The day and this shift have nestled nice and snug into my life groove. Unfortunately, it's also the day I'm most apt to be a bit, ah, groggy. » 9/18/11 9:00pm 9/18/11 9:00pm

Litebook for SAD: Chase Those Winter Blues Away

With those long days of summer slowly turning into the short days of winter, it's just about time for some poor souls to develop seasonal affective disorder, the winter blues that have been appropriately dubbed the acronym SAD. Exposure to certain types of bright lights can fool that circadian rhythm mechanism and… » 9/05/06 3:59pm 9/05/06 3:59pm