Samsung Ships YP-P2 Media Player, Bluetooth Phone Compatibility To Come

Today in NYC, Samsung finally launched its long-awaited YP-P2 PMP, aka "the P2," the Korean powerhouse's rival to the iPod touch. The P2 features a 3" touchscreen display with an "EmoTure" interfaces that allows you to slide and tap your way through menus. But while it will ship fully functional with A2DP streaming… » 11/01/07 2:22pm 11/01/07 2:22pm

Panasonic Announces Ultra-Light Lanyard-Style Bluetooth Earphones

Search far and wide for Bluetooth headphones and all you'll find are bulky cans that hang on your head or around your neck, weighing you down in short order. Panasonic aims to fix that with its EB-M70083 Bluetooth 1.2 earphones, the lightest yet at less than an ounce with a battery that lasts 4.5 hours when you're… » 12/05/06 12:46pm 12/05/06 12:46pm

Nokia N95 Pictures, Info Leaked: 5-Megapixel Camera Built-In

Nokia is expected to officially unveil its latest flagship smartphone, the N95, later today in New York but several pictures and specs have made their way to the Internet. The smartphone is expected to feature a 5-megapixel built-in camera and be compatible with the 3.5G wireless download standard HSDPA, which can… » 9/26/06 8:46am 9/26/06 8:46am