Question of the Day: How Do You Use Your Cellphone in the Car?

Yesterday's news about the train incident in LA »9/16/08 5:00pm9/16/08 5:00pm got me thinking. We all know about the dangers of using a cellphone in the car, but let's face it—most of us do it anyway. So, this question isn't meant to judge. I am simply curious to know how you use your phone in the car. In other words, do you stick with the…

Bluetooth Headset Deals For Anyone Who Breaks the Hands Free Law

Congrats on being a lawbreaker! Why? Because it will earn you a $20 discount on a new Jawbone Bluetooth headset thanks to a new promotion Aliph is running on their product website. Not a fan of the Jawbone? No is giving away a free Plantronics Discovery 925 (a $149.95) headset to the first 734… »7/16/08 3:26pm7/16/08 3:26pm

Slimmer, Hotter Aliph Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset Gets FCC'd

Aliph's Jawbone is one of the least obnoxious, if a squee bulkier, Bluetooth headsets out there. Its hotter younger sister just popped up on the FCC, and looks to be under two cm wide, losing a fair bit of the original Jawbone's girth. Even though the earclip's not in this shot, the manual shows that it's still got… »4/10/08 1:23pm4/10/08 1:23pm

CSR Creates BlueVox2, the Five-Buck Bluetooth Headset Chip

CSR, the UK-based company with over 50 percent of the market share of Bluetooth products, has created BlueVox2, a cheap mono headset with low power consumption—CSR claims 15 hours talk time—and noise reduction. The tiny chip has AuriStream, allows simultaneous connection to multiple devices and supports Bluetooth… »3/06/08 7:26am3/06/08 7:26am