iHome's iDM5 Is a Crazy Bluetooth Keyboard, Speaker and Phone in One

Do you see this giganto iPad keyboard that looks like what a typewriter would look like if the typewriter never died? It's iHome's brand new iDM5. It's also much more than your run of the mill iPad keyboard! Not only can you connect the keyboard with any tablet, it also works as a bluetooth speaker AND a speaker phone… » 1/08/12 7:51pm 1/08/12 7:51pm

A Bluetooth Keyboard with a Trackpad on Its Backside

The iTablet keyboard is an oddball bluetooth keyboard with the silhouette of a video game controller and the logic of a crazy person. Why? Well, do you guys remember the similarly weird Android-powered Motorola Backflip? The iTablet has the same "let's put a trackpad on the backside of this thing" feature as that did.… » 5/05/11 4:40pm 5/05/11 4:40pm

Jailbroken iPhones Get Support for Bluetooth Keyboards

Good news for those wanting to use a physical Bluetooth keyboard with their iPhones: Now you can. The catch is that you'll need to jailbreak your iPhone and that input doesn't work outside of one particular app at the moment. » 12/21/09 10:41pm 12/21/09 10:41pm

Why Won't Apple Let Me Use XSKN's Bluetooth iKeyboard with My iPhone?

I still can't believe Apple hasn't approved Bluetooth keyboard drivers for the iPhone, but that hasn't stopped user-hacks, or products lining up to be ready. This latest effort modifies actual Apple Bluetooth keyboards, and adds app icons to the keys. » 9/03/09 12:40pm 9/03/09 12:40pm