iHome's iDM5 Is a Crazy Bluetooth Keyboard, Speaker and Phone in One

Do you see this giganto iPad keyboard that looks like what a typewriter would look like if the typewriter never died? It's iHome's brand new iDM5. It's also much more than your run of the mill iPad keyboard! Not only can you connect the keyboard with any tablet, it also works as a bluetooth speaker AND a speaker phone… »1/08/12 7:51pm1/08/12 7:51pm

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Speaker MBS-100 Looks Like a Disease

Sony Ericsson takes its design chops to the limit with this Portable Bluetooth Speaker MBS-100, a softball-sized orb that reminds us of something we saw in a microscope when we put some soap scum on the slide. With its rechargeable battery that's said to last five hours, it's just about small enough to take with you,… »10/11/07 10:20am10/11/07 10:20am